Holiday checklist

hond_op_vakantieHave you booked your holiday? Will you bring your dog with you? Then you certainly want to pack everything you need. Here you will find a holiday checklist for your dog. What do I take with me, or rather, what is essential befóre I leave. Click HERE to download the holiday checklist for your dog.



Pet passport. The identificaton number or chip number is included, as well as the vaccinations your dog has had. You have to bring the dog’s passport with you when travelling abroad.

Useful: add a photo of your dog. Very convenient if you need others to recognize your dog when he has wandered off.

Identification or chip number. Check whether the contact details of your dog’s microchip are correct. You can do so on the international website NDG.

Useful: attach an ID tag including your holiday address and your mobile phone number to the collar or harness. People will know he is not a street dog and will contact you shortly that your dog has been found.

* Vaccinations. Make sure your dog is up-to-date with their vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. Your pet may need to be vaccinated against diseases like rabies. Be aware that dogs must be vaccinated against rabies 21 days prior to leaving the Netherlands. When a blood sample is needed testing the rabies antibody level, you need to take action even earlier on. Different rules apply for dogs younger than 3 months old. Your vet can advise you.

Import regulations per country. There are rules to be followed when taking a dog abroad which vary depending on the country you are going to or coming from. For more information check the website LICG(in Dutch) or NVWA (English)  Be aware! These rules do not only apply for the country of your destination but also for all the countries you travel in. In some countries you have to have a muzzle with you. In Germany a car seatbelt for dogs is required. The UK will change its regulations after a hard Brexit. Check with your vet if you want to be sure.

Reliability insurance. In a lot of European countries you are obliged to have a reliability insurance for your dog as well. You can even get a fine if you haven’t got one. Check the regulations per country on the website AIC.

Travel insurance. Read the conditions of your travel insurance carefully. Check what your insurance will cover when your dog gets sick abroad or has an accident. Not all travel insurances also cover pets.

* Hiking with your dog. I you and your dog are not used to strenuous exercise, start with a walk, and build from there. Just like humans, dogs need to build up their endurance. Thus you can prevent stress and injuries.



  • Pet passport with up-to-date vaccinations, including a health check and rabies vaccination and/or bloodtest.
  • A plentiful supply of water for your dog.
  • A comfortable bed or blanket with your dog’s own scent. Take his (foldable) crate when he is used to sleep in it.
  • Collar and/or harness. Maybe a GPS tracker too to be able to trace your dog at all times.
  • Short lead and long lead, when your dog is not allowed to walk off the lead in the area you are going to have your holiday.  Tip: You can also use the long lead to attach to a pin in the ground. Your dog can enjoy his time outside but is not able to run away.
  • High-vis items if your dog wanders off.
  • Food – preferably enough for the whole holiday.
  • His own food and water bowl.
  • Favourite toys and chews.
  • Treats – for rewarding all those good behaviours.
  • A puppy pen creating specific doggy area indoors or outdoors, to prevent your dog from running away.
  • If you go on holiday in summer time, maybe you would like to bring a Cool-mat or Body-cooler for your dog.
  • If your dog is on any medication, ensure you have enough supplies for the whole time you will be away.
  • An emergency kit especially for your dog, including a thermometer and desinfecting lotion. Flea and tick prevention, and ear- or eye drops are useful to add too.
  • A tick removal tool.
  • A brush for hair coming off.
  • Vaseline when you go to an area with a lot of snow.
  • Poo bags.
  • Towel – for muddy paws when the weather is poor.
  • Flash light, useful going out for a small pee at night.
  • Check where you’re staying has everything your pet needs, including an emergency contact for a vet and ‘out of hours’ service. Also bring your own vet’s telephone number.


Enjoy your holiday!