Brainwork for Dogs

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Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is just as important as keeping him physically fit. Puzzles for dogs can be simple to solve or very complicated and an excellent way of  exercising your dog’s mind. Whilst solving the puzzle your dog will try to find a treat, toy or other hidden object  by himself. Your dog has to smell, look and feel with his nose or paw and some puzzles make noises, so that all your dog’s senses are stimulated and his brain is ‘exercised’ in a different way. Thinking at the highest level is extremely tiring, but most of all is fun for both of you. dogNL offers Brainwork for Dogs in a workshop or in a private session at your home address.

Dog puzzles for every dog

Brainwork is based on real co-operation between owner and dog and most have a lot of fun puzzling together. “Co-working” increases the bond you both have even more. Your dog will be better focused on you and  prepared to “listen” to you even more. Obviously your dog needs to learn to wait first until you’ve prepared the game for him. Self-control is important when your dog puzzles.

Janette Haring of dogNL is Advanced Instructor Brainwork for Dogs

brainwork for dogs

Young, old or recovering
For every owner who likes to do more with his dog other than walking round the ‘block’, for young dogs with a lot of energy, or dogs looking for a challenge, for dogs who don’t want to go out in the rain, for dogs who are re-homed thinking their new world is still very exciting, for anxious dogs who would like to gain more self-confidence, for…..well, anyone really!

For dogs growing older or dogs recovering from an operation or injury and can’t/aren’t allowed to be very active, we can offer him the puzzles adapted to his physical condition. A good way to focus excess energy. dogNL helps you find the right puzzles for your dog.

Appointment Brainwork for Dogs
Try-out workshop “Wijsneus”, approx 1½ hour (choice of several puzzles) – icw dog training school Honderwijs
Extensive workshop “Wijsneus”, 3 x approx 1½ hour (self-control, doing several puzzles, reading your dog and making a puzzle yourself) – icw dog training school Honderwijs
Brainwork individually, appointment at your home address, approx 1½ hour (several puzzles depending on your dog)

Professional Instructor Brainwork for Dogs

Ik am a certified Advanced Instructor Brainwork for Dogs. Also, I am a Behavioral Counselor for Dogs and accredited by the Dutch foundation “Certipet” and a member of the Dutch association “NVGH”.


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