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Training&Fun provides a good basis for your dog. A relationship based on mutual respect and trust, and above all on having fun together. Teach your dog the basics, offer him a way to focus energy and keep him in balance with a relaxing massage. The training I use is dog friendly, and based on the latest research in the field of dog behaviour. Every training session is based on small steps to set your dog up for success. In this way, you strengthen the bond you already have. Read below about the possibilities of Training and Fun with your dog.

Puppy Welcome
A good start provides your puppy the basis for a happy life together. All behaviour is good, but not all is desired. Raising your dog and training are intertwined as your puppy develops. Information about puppy behaviour helps you provide your puppy with what he needs as he grows. Read more ->

Dog training
Every dog deserves to have a good relationship with his owner. A relationship based on mutual respect and trust, with clear boundaries and without any force. You form the basis by raising and training your dog from the beginning. Thus you can prevent problem behaviour. Information on how to understand what your dog is telling you helps you understand your dog. Read more ->

Obedient Dog Walks
Show your dog that a walk is something for you both. Turn on your dog’s senses with a search-game or retrieving a toy. Your dog will keep an eye on you and will react immediately when called. You never know which game you will think of, keeping it interesting for both you and your dog. Training and fun with your dog is the goal. Read more ->

Fun class
Having fun together will strengthen the bond you have with your dog. The training is not a competition but focuses on co-operation. Your dog learns to trust you in the activities, even when an object has a hole in it or wobbles. Working together is training&fun. Read more ->

Keep your dog in balance

Dog massage
Relaxation of the body gives relaxation in the mind. Mindfully touching your dog relaxes you as well. This is a literally building and strengthening the relationship with your dog. Enjoy the energy you give each other. Your dog learns to trust you and feel secure while he totally relaxes under your hands. Read more ->

Brainwork for Dogs
Working with (self-made) dog puzzles is working with the mind. A good way to focus excess energy. Your dog learns to find the treat or toy all by himself. All senses will be used. You look for challenges at your dog’s level, without helping him. Fun for both of you. Read more ->

Professional Dog Trainer

I am a member of the international Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Dutch equivalent O&O. You can find my resume HERE (in Dutch).


On my blog you can find articles on behaviour, also in English. Read more ->

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