Family lessons

gezinsles | family lessonsThe whole family can be involved in raising and training your (puppy)dog. There is an exercise for every family member, big and small. Together you teach your dog the basic obedience exercises. dogNL offers these Family lessons not only tailored to your dog but also to your child(ren). For that reason part of the lessons will be the DoggyIntro for the children, dealing about playing together safely, hierarchy in the family and respect for each other.

Family lessons: 4 appointments of 1 hour, at your home address. Possible exercises are walking without pulling, come here when off leash, sit, down, playing/drop it. All exercises are tailored to the age of your dog and of course adapted to that of your child. You’ll get advice about dog behaviour when needed.


Presentation Information Puppy behaviour

Puppies don’t know much. One thing is certain, your puppy will grow into an adult dog. Would you like to bring him up into a nice family pet, contact dogNL for advice on housetraining, biting, being-home-alone, the ‘crazy 5 mns’ and more.

Presentation Information Puppy behaviour, 1 appointment approx. 1 ½ hour, at your home address. You can ask me specific questions on your puppy’s behaviour if needed.

Presentation Information Dog behaviour

What does your dog tell you. What does he tell his dog friends. How can your interpret your dog’s signals. Knowing more about the dog language you can accompany your dog even better. You will find out what his limits are, you will know when to guide your dog or set clear boundaries.

Presentation Information Dog behaviour: approx. 1½ hour, at your home address. I can give you advice on your dog’s behaviour if needed.