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Dog&Child offers you exercises and information for the family. Building up a relationship together can be a positive influence in a child’s life. Your child learns to be responsible, learns skills like caring, empathy and communication. A separate lesson for the children, or private training with all family members. Prepare your dog for the arrival of your baby. It can prevent problems in future. Safe upbringing is very important, for child ánd dog. Read below about the possibilities of Dog and Child.

Your child is central. How can you play with your dog safely, how can I prevent my puppy from jumping up, what can I do when my puppy bites, what is a dog about and what are his needs, what about hiërarchy in the group, and a lot more. A lesson tailored to your children. Information and practical exercises combined, adapted to your child(ren)’s age. Read more ->

Family lessons
The whole family trains the dog together. Exercises for all family members, big and small, each at his own level. Upbringing and training are mixed. This provides your dog a good basis. You can prevent problem behaviour. Information on dog language helps you understanding your dog. Read more ->

Advice “Baby on the Way”
Your dog suddenly gets a child in the house. Children behave quite different from adults. They laugh, cry, scream, grab anything they can get into their hands, crawl or walk around a bit unsteadily. Your dog has to get used tot his, has to adapt. Not all dogs find this easy. I can give you advice on how to prepare your dog on the arrival of your baby, and on how to guide both baby ánd dog in your baby’s first year of his life. Read more ->

Advice “Safe Upbringing”
Bite Incidents often occur because children and dogs do not understand each other well. For small children it is difficult to interpret the dog’s body language. When a dog shows his teeth they think he is laughing. Most children are bitten in their own families by their own dog. Teaching your child(ren) how to safely interact with the dog, helps preventing bite incidents. I can give you advice on how to guide both child ánd dog while developing from baby into teenager. Read more ->



On my blog you can find articles on behaviour, also in English. Read more ->