Dog massage

hond massageRelaxation and a better quality of life
Canine massage relaxes the muscles, reduces discomfort, reduce emotional problems due to anxiety, fear or stress, improves joint flexibility and decreases pain. The hands-on massage techniques used are based on the dog’s needs. The pressure on skin, muscles and connective tissue contribute for a better balance of the body. Massage works relaxing and stimulates the healing power of the body, not only with physical problems but also with behavioural problems. dogNL works closely with  veterinarians and animal physiotherapists.

Massage offers many different kinds of benefits.

  • Physical Benefits: Dogs who get older, have had surgery, are active in dog sport can benefit from relaxing the muscles. Massage will stimulate the blood circulation which decreases muscle soreness and muscle soreness. It also works on the lympatic system, cleaning the body of toxin. Recovery will improve. Your dog will feel more comfortable.
  • Emotional Benefits: Especially dogs who are fearful or stressed, often have a lot of tension in the muscles too. Massage regulates and activates the nerve system and the hormone system, and thus influences your dog’s mood. Relaxing the body, will relax the head. Body and mind will be better balanced.
  • Communication Benefits: When you’re massaging your dog, a silent communication happens, soul to soul if you’ll let it. Because of this, massage can actually help in training. It aids enormously with your interactions in terms that your dog can understand. Hyperactive dogs often benefit by massage for relaxation.
  • Bonding Benefits: With dog massages you’ll give your dog your love! It increases the bond you already have with your dog. Especially for re-homed dogs massage is a way to connect literally as well as mentally. Your dog also learns to feel safe. He feels understood, valued and accepted. A good basis for a long relationship with your pet.

Dog massage, at your home address. Sessions take 10 – 45 mns (dep. on the dog’s physical and mental state). The sessions generally take place on the floor, on a mat or dog bed. I will first observe how your dog moves and we’ll discuss possible tension in the body. Your dog gets all the time he needs to become comfortable, experiencing the benefits of regular bodywork. He can stop the session at anytime. The massage sessions will take approx. 45 mns.

* Please note! Dog massage is not a substitute for regular veterinary care, nor is it a cure for disease or illness. If your animal companion has any symptoms of injury or disease, please consult with your veterinarian or animal physiotherapist before starting any massage program.