Onboarding your dog

onboarding your dogMoving from one place to another is a stressful time. Relocating to a completely different environment can be tough for your dog too, even if he doesn’t have to worry about moving furniture. Your dog can be fearful in his new home and bark at everything and everyone. Or he suddenly seems to have a lot of energy and cannot walk outside without pulling on the leash. He can be very stressed living in his new house in the Netherlands.

dogNL can help you adapting your dog to his new environment. Goal is to integrate your dog into the Dutch (doggy) world. Onboarding your dog is what he needs for a happy doggy time in Holland.

Onboarding your dog:  1 appointment of 1½ hour and 4 appointments of 1 hour, at your home address. You will teach or refresh several cues like come here or walk without pulling. We will go places to socialize your dog to his new Dutch environment, like a walk in the dog park where most dogs are off leash. And I will give advice and tips how to change your dog’s (inappropiate) behaviour.

Professional Dog Training Instructor

As a certified Dog Training Instructor I am a member of the international Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Dutch equivalent O&O. I am also a certified Behavioral Counselor for Dogs, accredited by the Dutch foundation “Certipet” and a member of the Dutch association “NVGH” (formerly known as Alpha).


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