Behaviour & Welfare

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  1. (Re)upbringing | Every dog deserves to have a good working relationship with his owner. With a Advice-on-Behaviour consult we will search for the right training and (re)upbringing that suits your dog. Information about dog language will help you interpret your dog’s own language.
  2. Behavioral Counseling |Sometimes your dog shows undesirable behaviour and you don’t know what to do. An extensive questionnaire, anamnesis, possibly a test and an appointment at your home address, provides enough information to come to a conclusion. You’ll receive a practical action plan tailored to your situation that you can immediately start yourself. Your dog’s general welfare is the basis of every therapy. Coverage consultation on behaviour is possible.
  3. Dog massage | Hands-on touching is a good way to get a dog into balance again after surgery or physiotherapy. With massage you set the body in motion, improve blood circulation and decrease muscle soreness. Relaxation gives the physical support when recovering. It reduces stress which gives your dog more resilience during behaviour modification. Dog massage increases the bond you already have with your dog.
  4. Brainwork for Dogs | Working with (self-made) dog puzzles is working with the mind. A good alternative for a dog recovering, for an elderly dog who cannot walk very far. A good way to focus excess energy and it keeps your dog fit. Your dog learns to find the treat or toy all by himself. All senses will be used. You’ll offer him the puzzles adapted to his physical condition. Fun for both of you.

My certification, education and experience provide me the skills required to effectively and humanely train your dog. As a Behavioral Counselor for Dogs I am accredited by the Dutch foundation “Certipet and a member of the Dutch association “NVGH” (formerly known as Alpha).