Safe Upbringing

Within the family sometimes small and sometimes large incidents take place with your dog. Your sweet pet dog suddenly bites your child. Clothes are damaged or worse, your child has bite wound in his arm, leg or face. Your child doesn’t like the dog that much any more, or has even become afraid of the dog. Not a very safe environment for bringing up your child(ren).

Bite incidents
Bite Incidents often occur because children and dogs do not understand each other well. For children it is difficult to interpret the dog’s body language, especially if they are not practiced in it. A dog grows large quickly for a child and therefore sometimes scary. For small children, a dog’s growl or showing his teeth soon seems like laughing. Children often cannot empathize the needs of a dog. Safe Upbringing can give you advice on how to keep it safe for both child ánd dog.

Growing up safely
Do you have a (grand)child or soon bringing home a new dog? With the Child&Dog program dogNL offers you advice and information with: BABY ON THE WAY, SAFE UPBRINGING and FAMILY LESSONS.  In Safe Upbringing we discuss how to raise your (grand)child ánd your dog through the different stages in your child’s development. Extra attention for safe interaction between dogs and children can help to avoid problems. With ‘Baby on the Way‘ I offer you tips and advice on how to prepare your dog for the arrival of your baby, and how to best guide them both during your (grand)child’s first year. Safety first.

Safe Upbringing

Advice and information for child ánd dog. What can you do to guide them both in the various phases of growing up. What to do with your pet when your toddler wants to play on the floor. How to teach your child that our dog is not just a soft toy. How to involve your child in caring for your dog’s basic needs. From toddler to adolescent, I offer advice for all ages.

  • presentation on laptop
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  • advice tailored to your situation
  • 1 appointment at your home address, 1½ hour
  • travelling costs are 30ct/km from Oegstgeest
  • information on Safe Upbringing is also possible using video-call

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Baby on the Way

dogNL offers advice on how to prepare your dog for the arrival of your baby. Advice on guiding your dog through your child’s first year is included → read more


RSPCA dogs and children infographic
Source: RSPCA