Baby on the Way

For a dog, a child can be strange, confusing or threatening, especially if he has not been accustomed to dealing with children as a puppy. Children behave differently than adults. They laugh, cry, scream, move towards dogs differently than adults, they crawl or walk around a bit wobbly or play with noisy toys while sitting on the floor. That can bring your dog into confusion. Baby on the Way can prepare you and your dog adequately for the arrival of your newborn.

Are you pregnant? Are you expecting a grandchild? With the Child&Dog program dogNL offers you advice and information with: BABY ON THE WAY, SAFE UPBRINGING and FAMILY LESSONS.  In Baby on the Way we discuss how to prepare your pet dog for the arrival or your baby, and how to guide your (grand)child in his first year in the company of a dog. With “Safe Upbringing” I give you tips and advice how to guide both from toddler to adolescent. Safety comes first.

Baby on the Way

Advice and information for your dog. What can you do now to help the transition while you are pregnant. Why does your dog act so weird since you are pregnant. Can you still change his behaviour. Advice is always tailored to your household situation.

  • presentation on laptop
  • summary by e-mail
  • advice tailored to your situation
  • 1 appointment at your home address, 1½ hour
  • travelling costs are 30ct/km from Oegstgeest
  • information on Baby on the Way is also possible using video-call

1½ hrs

€ 105

dogNL baby op komst | dogNL baby on the way

Safe Upbringing

dogNL offers advice on how to guide your child ánd your dog through the different stages in your child’s development. From toddler to adolescent, dogNL offers advice for age → read more


RSPCA dogs and children infographic

Source: RSPCA