Coverage consultation

You can find in the terms and conditons of your animal insurance whether behavioral counseling for dogs is covered. Check your pet insurance or call the insurance company. 

PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIORIST As a certified Behavioral Counselor for Dogs I am accredited by “Stichting Certipet” and I am a member of “NVGH, the Dutch association of Behavioral Counselors for Dogs (formerly known as Alpha).

When you have animal insurance for your dog, you can ask your insurance company whether the behavioral counseling is covered. In the Netherlands such pet insurance companies are PetPlan, Ohra, Reaal Dier&Zorg, and Inshared. You sometimes need a referral from your vet befóre you can make an appointment with dogNL.

Advice & Training plan

advice on your dog’s behaviour and a tailor-made training plan

  • advice and training plan for:
  • issues arising bringing up your puppy
  • problems with troublesome teenage dogs
  • a re-homed dog
  • an expat dog
  • 1 appointment at your home address, approx. 1½ hour
  • plan in short e-mailed, extra costs are € 35
  • travelling costs are 30ct/km from Oegstgeest

€ 105

dognl_heropvoeding | dogNL re-education

Behavioral therapy

a steps plan tailored to curb or solve your dog’s unwanted behaviour

  • diagnosis + treatment plan for problems like
  • anxiety*
  • fear*
  • destructive chewing
  • house soiling
  • seperation anxiety
  • excessive barking
  • food guarding
  • bite incident involving a child
  • (..) any other behavior issue
  • 1 appointment at your home address, approx. 1½ hours
  • questionnaire sent to you beforehand
  • plan in writing e-mailed to you 
  • plan in cooperation with the vet when necessary
  • assistance by phone or e-mail up until 2 months following the last consultation
  • travelling costs are 30ct/km from Oegstgeest

*when fearful and/or aggressive I offer a second consultation. Total costs are € 245.
*A test on behaviour at a safe location will be advised when the dog is extremely aggressive. 

€ 195

dogNL gedragstherapie | dogNL behavioral counseling

Onboarding your Dog

advice on your dog’s unwanted behaviour and on how to integrate him in your new Dutch environment. Also, refreshing the basic obedience cues.

  • 1 appointment at your home address, approx. 1,5 hours
  • 4 training sessions at the (fenced off) training venue, 30 minutes per session
  • Handout ‘Onboarding your Dog’ included
  • travelling costs are 30ct/km from Oegstgeest

€ 195