Behaviour & Welfare

dogNL offers you advice in dog behaviour. Puppy raising can be a challenge. Together we find the right solution for unwanted behaviour. Basic training, management of the environment, a good relationship between dog and human, and a dog’s basic needs cared for, are starting points. Being in balance both physically and mentally contributes to your dog’s well-being. Curb his undesired behaviour or give him support when necessary and enjoy each other as much as you can in your activities together.

Undesirable behaviour
dogNL helps you and your dog changing a specific behaviour problem. Many troublesome behaviours can be fixed. Reward-based training, management of the environment and a good relationship between dog and owner are starting points. Providing basic needs is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy and safe and sets the foundation for changing the behaviour. Only then it makes sense to curb the unwanted behaviour or (preferably) solve it.

My services

PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIORIST  My certification, education and experience provide me the skills required to effectively and humanely train your dog. As a Behavioral Counselor for Dogs I am accredited by the Dutch foundation Certipet and a member of the Dutch association NVGH (formerly known as Alpha).

COVERAGE CONSULTATION  by your pet insurance is possible → read more


Suzanne & Paul met Troeli en Ferro

My husband and I have always adopted shelter dogs or taken in strays. We’d dealt with problems before but nothing prepared us for Troelie (age 1,5) and Ferro (age 6) border collies adopted from a shelter in Belgium. Neither was housebroken. Ferro could be aggressive with other dogs and fixated on bicycles. Troelie, emaciated from giardia, was terrified of everything except other dogs. Any new situation rendered her dead-eyed and motionless---she’d collapse in a terrified crouch. We had to pick her up and carry her to get her to move at all. We called dogNL and Janette agreed to come to our home the next day for a thorough evaluation. She prepared a page and a half of written advice--most of which was completely new to us. We gratefully followed her suggestions, including crating the dogs and fitting them with pheromone collars, with good results. She came with me to the kennel when vacation plans forced us to kennel the dogs for 10 days after having them only 10 weeks. She knew the kennel workers and together, they came up with a way to handle our dogs. We signed up for basic training for both dogs at Honderwijs. Troelie’s come a long way but she requires special treatment in class and both Janette and her partner, Sonja, modified exercises for Troelie without short-changing the rest of the participants. With the guidance of dogNL, we look forward to many enjoyable years with Ferro and Troelie.