Puppy Welcome

puppy welcome Training puppy, behaviour and upbringing 
Getting a new puppy is exiting. You cannot wait for him to become your new family member, but what do you do first when he has finally arrived. He bites your toes, barks at visitors, eats out of the dustbin, yelps when crated for the night, … in short needs to be guided into becoming a sociable, happy family dog. All behaviour is fine, but not all behaviour is desired. dogNL can give your puppy the right start in training and raising your puppy. Obviously we can also make time for your own training wishes.

Puppytraining: 1 appointment of  1 ½ hour and 4 appointments of 1 hour, at your home address. You will teach your puppy different exercise like walking without pulling, come here when off leash, sit, down, playing and drop it, and more.

Preparing for your puppy
Of course you can also make an appointment to be prepared befóre your puppy comes home. Puppy-proofing the house makes it easier for you. Your puppy can discover his new home without damaging anything. Relaxed for the both of you.

Preparation puppy: 1 appointment approx. 1 ½ hour.

Puppy behaviour
Puppies don’t know much. One thing is certain, your puppy will grow into an adult dog. Would you like to bring him up into a nice family pet, contact dogNL for advice on housetraining, crate training, biting and socialization.

Presentation Information Puppy, 1 appointment approx. 1 ½ hour, at your home address. You can ask me specific questions on your puppy’s behaviour if needed.