Safe Upbringing

safe upbringingdogNL gives you advice and information in a consult at home (1 ½ hrs) called “Safe Upbringing”. With a powerpoint presentation I’ll show you how you can best guide your child ánd your dog through the different stages in the child’s development. Extra attention for safe interaction between dogs and children can help to avoid problems. Also, the advice is tailored to your own situation.

Dogs can bite
Within the family sometimes small and sometimes large bite incidents take place. This damages clothing, arm, leg or face and often has a mental effect. Children suddenly don’t like their dog anymore, or they are even afraid of him.

Bite incidents
Bite Incidents often occur because children and dogs do not understand each other well. For children it is difficult to interpret the dog’s body language, especially if they are not practiced in it. A dog grows large quickly for a child and therefore sometimes scary. For small children, a dog’s growl or showing his teeth soon seems like laughing. Children often cannot empathize the needs of a dog.