Baby on the Way

baby on the waydogNL gives (future) parents or grandparents advice and information in a consult at home (1 ½ hrs) called “Baby on the Way”. In a powerpoint presentation I’ll show you how you can best prepare your dog for the arrival of your baby and give you advice how you can guide your child ánd your dog in his first year. Also, the advice is tailored to your own situation.

Puppy children
For a dog, a child can be strange, confusing or threatening, especially if he has not been accustomed to dealing with children as a puppy. Children behave differently than adults. They laugh, cry, scream, move towards dogs differently than adults, they crawl or walk around a bit wobbly or play with noisy toys while sitting on the floor. That can bring the dog into confusion. To be prepared adequately is essential.

Safe upbringing
The presentation “Safe Upbringing” gives you advice you how you can best guide your child ánd your dog through the different stages in the child’s development. From toddler to adolescent, dogNL has tips for every age. “Baby on the Way” is followed by “Safe Upbringing”.