Socialization card

Use this socialization card as a starting point for your puppy’s socialization. Try to do as many items as possible.

I recommend you to choose an activity in four days per week; the other days your puppy can relax and get used to the daily routine. Try and repeat experiences and situations regularly. Click HERE to download this socialization card

The road Babies (+ noices like crying, whining, screaming)
Vet Toddlers
Shopping centre School children
Parc / woods / countryside Teenagers
School yard
Children’s playground OTHER ANIMALS
Walking in nature / on the beach Dogs – adult
Market Dogs – puppies
Restaurant / bar / cafe Cats
Party Small pets
Doggy daycare / sitter Chicken / ducks / geese / ..
Grooming salon (if necessary) Cows / horses / goat / sheep / ..
In the car
On the bike NOISES
In a doggy carier Household
To the town centre Traffic / trucks
Public transport – train, bus, tram, metro Bikers / motor riders / scooters
Elevators and stairs Skateboards / roller skates
…… Wheel chairs / prams
Vacuum cleaner
ADULTS Washing machine / dryer
Men Construction work (drilling etc)
Women Brass bands / horns
Elderly people (65+) Shooting / hunting
Invalids / crippled people …….
Noisy people
Shy / quiet people  
People in uniform Visit a trimmer
People with head covered Pet / touch without biting
People with glasses Brush, comb, wash
People with beard, moustache Ears, eyes, looking and cleaning
People with different skin colour Clipping nails
People dressed up Brushing teeth
Personel vet clinic Hair dryer
…… ……