Teenager in the House

puberhondYour adorable little pup has suddenly developed a mind of his own, and starts ignoring you when you call. You ask him a simple sit to put on his collar and  he doesn’t seem to have any clue  of what to do. Or he even turns around and starts doing something completely different. Your dog is full of energy and tries you out. dogNL gives advice and tips tailored to your dog, called Advice on Behaviour. Together we’ll discuss which exercises your dog needs to freshen up the training. You yourself can train the dog or you continue with private training at your home address or at the dog training school.

Advice on Behaviour: 1 appointment of  1 ½ hour, at your home address. You’ll get advice, tips and exercises for your dog. On your request I can e-mail the tips and exercises in short following our appointment; Advice on Behaviour, extensive.

Dog training: 4 appointments of 1 hour, at your home address. Focus is on come here when off leash and walking without pulling. You’ll get advice on dog behaviour when needed. Read more on Dog training. Extra: presentation Information Dog language (approx. 1 ½ hour).