advice puppyAdvice on behaviour and (re)training
Raising a (young) dog is not always easy. Do you ever wonder … how can you raise your puppy giving it the best start, how to get your dog through the awkward puberty stage, can you still teach an adult dog, can you give so-called “2nd chance dogs” a good start? dogNL gives you advice and tips in Advice on Behaviour. Together we decide which exercises are needed for (re)training your dog.

Advice on Behaviour: 1 appointment of  1 ½ hour, at your home address. You’ll get advice, tips and exercises for your dog. On your request I can e-mail the tips and exercises in short following our appointment; Advice on Behaviour, extensive.

Dog training: 4 appointments of 1 hour, at your home address. Focus is on come here when off leash and walking without pulling. You’ll get advice on dog behaviour when needed. Read more on Dog trainingExtra: presentation Information Dog language (approx. 1 ½ hour).
* 2nd chance dogs will need time to settle in their new home first. dogNL gives you advice how you can give your dog a good start. For complicated problems you’ll need Behavioral Counseling to give you information on the motivation for his problem behaviour. Only then I can make a thorough treatment plan.

Teenager in the House
Hormones running through the body changes your dog’s behaviour. It is time to freshen-up the cue’s you’ve taught your dog before he forgets all about it and does what he pleases. Read more on Teenager in the House.

Dog massage | Hands-on touching is a good way to get a dog into balance again after surgery or physiotherapy. With massage you set the body in motion, improve blood circulation and decrease muscle soreness. Relaxation gives the physical support when recovering. It reduces stress which gives your dog more resilience during behaviour modification. Dog massage increases the bond you already have with your dog.  Read more on Dog massage.