Behavioral Counseling

behavioral counselingMotivation, diagnosis, treatment plan
Sometimes the education of your dog does not go as desired or your dog shows undesirable behaviour. You, your environment or your dog will suffer from it. This can be at a young age or even when the animal is older. Dogs can have problems like fear*, aggression* (towards people or other dogs), excessive barking, cannot stay home alone, house wrecking, house soiling, food bowl aggression, etc.Dog behavior consults are about three hours. If more time is needed than the designated time for the appointment, a follow up appointment is scheduled. Dogs with behavioral problems generally benefit by a consultation and a few follow up lessons.

As a qualified Behavioral Counselor for Dogs I can help you and your dog with a specific problem. dogNL always looks for a solution appropriate to the dog and the owner. A treatment plan tailored for your dog. No dogs or two situations are alike. Individual help in solving a behaviour problem is therefore of great importance.

Behavioral Counseling: 1 consultation on behaviour of  1 ½ – 2 hrs, at your home address. A short test on behaviour or dog walk is included. Before the consultation, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out on your dog so I can get a detailed behavioral history. You can also film the undesired behaviour and send it to me.

dogNL provides you with the basic information you need to resolve behavioral problems humanely, using principles and techniques based in science and canine psychology. I teach you how to manage the environment and implement behaviour modification correctly to set your dog up for success.
After the consultation you will receive the advice in writing. When necessary I’ll confer with your vet or specialist, with permission of course. We’ll keep into contact by e-mail or phone about the dog’s progress and alter the advice where needed.
* When extreme aggression towards people or dogs is the case, I do a test on character first to find out what the cause is for your dog’s problem behaviour. I use a testroom nearby, safe for dog ánd men.
* For problems concerning extreme fear and/or aggression a follow-up consultation will be planned to help you in putting the advice into practice.