Janette Haring|dogNLWelcome to dogNL. My name is Janette Haring, and I’m a Certified Dog Trainer and accredited Behavioral Counselor for Dogs. I will work with you to not only teach your dog how to improve his behaviour, but also to help you communicate more clearly with him and deepen your relationship with your best friend. I offer private dog training in English.

Every year I choose a number of seminars, workshops and lectures in the field of dog behavior, education and training. This helps me keep abreast of the latest developments in the dog world.

opleiding en nascholing janette haring For an overview of my education (in Dutch), please click HERE.

Fun for both of you.
I train using dog friendly methods, which are based on scientific research into how to effectively train dogs without the use of punishment or intimidation. Encouragement and rewards for good decisions make training fun for everyone, and mistakes are simply that – things that need to be worked on a bit more. Training & Fun, fun for both of you.

dogNL provides you with personal advice and guidance to help you raise your dog. Would you like to teach him basic behaviour or would you like to stop problem behaviour? With behavioral counseling we tackle the problem together and look for a lasting solution. Additional dog massage keeps your dog fit. Brainwork for Dogs is helpful when your dog is physically disabled for whatever reason. Balance in mind and body ensures that your dog will have a long and happy life.

Physically and mentally in balance
Using behavioral counseling I can support dogs and their owners with specific behavioral issues. This allows me to offer a solution appropriate to both owner and dog. I provide you with personal advice and guidance before we start (re)training your pet or re-homed dog. Additional Dog massage and Brainwork for Dogs are helpful. Balance in mind and body ensures that your dog will have a long and happy life. More information on Behaviour & Welfare.

I am particularly specialised in the interaction between dogs and children. From research we know that bite incidents with dogs often occur within the family and occur most frequently with young children. Safe upbringing is essential for Dog & Child.

Bijke Caia JanetteMy dogs
I have had 2 Stabyhouns, Bijke en Caia. We had a lot of fun together, in agility, frisbee, retrieving games, and nosework for dogs. Since last year I have found a new challenge in my Irish Water Spaniel ‘Hazel’.

Janette gives private dog training in EnglishAt this moment I spend a lot of time with her; we either make long walks or we do gundog training. It’s a fun girl to be with, always playful and naughty. Maybe that’s why they call the IWS ‘ the clown of the spaniel family’!

I give training in the regions of Oegstgeest, Den Haag, Wassenaar, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Leiden, Leiderdorp, Alphen aan den Rijn, Sassenheim, Noordwijk, Katwijk, Rijnsburg, Voorhout, Lisse, Amsterdam. I look forward to meeting you and your dog!

Training in English
Information on private training, behavioral counseling, dog&child training, dog massage or brainwork for dogs can be found under the heading English” at the top of the website. All training can be done at your home address or any other location of your choice. Training is given in English.

As soon as you’ve filled in the registration form, I will contact you to make an appointment. Registration for a workshop will be confirmed by e-mail. The invoice will also be sent to you by email. Please transfer the amount to the Knab bank on accountnumber  NL85 KNAB 0255 1690 00  (BIC code is KNABNL2H) referring to the invoice number.