All dogs like to run around freely, off leash. Your dog probably too. But, maybe he doesn’t come back when you call him. And shouting loudly or being angry doesn’t help at all. So, you keep him on the leash when you go out. A wise decision, walking in an area full of traffic around the corner of each dog park. Your dog, however, doesn’t get the opportunity to loose some of his energy. Also, walking off leash and sniffing around is a good way to de-stress preventing further behavioral issues. Teaching your dog the Come-back-on-whistle is a good idea.

Whistle signal
Your dog learns to return on just a couple of blows on a whistle. The whistle signal always has the same pitch and is totally new for your dog. With the Come-back-on-whistle you can start anew with teaching your dog to come by using a new association, the signal of the whistle.


3 sessions, 30 mns

teaching to return on whistle signal

  • 2 sessions on the training field (fenced off), 30 mns
  • 1 session in a public park in Wassenaar, 30 mns
  • training by yourself at home
  • dog whistle included
  • complete training is 6-8 weeks
  • 8 weeks old pups start with Puppy Welcome learning the basic cue returning-on-voice first.
  • dogNL uses ACMÉ gundog training whistle. These whistles hold their pitch and frequency, irrespective of how hard it is blown.

3 x ½ hour

€ 105

dognl_hierkomen-op-fluit / dogNL come-back-on-whistle

What can your dog hear?

Research is not conclusive but it is quite clear that a dog’s hearing capabilities exceed the human largely. A dog has a frequency range twice our size, can hear sounds at a 4 times larger distance and can pinpoint from which direction the sound comes from 4 times better. 

Frequency range *15 – 45.000 Hz20 – 20.000 Hz

Hears best between

4.000 – 8.000 Hz1.000 – 2.000 Hz
As good inDog and human hear as good between 125 – 250 Hz
Hearing threshold *Dogs can hear sounds 24 dB softer 
DirectionDogs can pinpoint the direction 4 times more precise
DistanceDogs can detect sound at a distance 4 times further away

Can you hear as good as your dog? Do the test.