Teenager in the house

Your adorable little pup has suddenly developed a mind of his own, and starts ignoring you when you call. You ask him a simple sit to put on his collar and he doesn’t seem to have any clue  of what to do. Or he even turns around and starts doing something completely different. Your dog is full of energy and tries you out. dogNL offers Advice tailored to your dog and puts together a Training plan to curb his behaviour. Which exercises your dog needs differs from dog to dog. Working-together with your dog is the key factor. Teaching Coming-back-on-whistle is very useful in most cases. You yourself can train the dog or you continue with private training at your home address or at the dog training school.

Advice & Training plan

Teenager in the house

advice on your dog’s behaviour and a tailor-made training plan

  • advice and training plan for:
  • issues arising bringing up your puppy
  • problems with troublesome teenage dogs
  • a re-homed dog
  • an expat dog
  • 1 appointment at your home address, approx. 1½ hour
  • plan in short e-mailed, extra costs are € 35
  • travelling costs are 30ct/km from Oegstgeest

1½ hr

€ 105

dogNL puber in huis | dogNL teenager in the house

Dog Training

Training at home, 4 sessions

teach the basic obedience exercises in babysteps, in your own home

  • sit
  • touch
  • walking on the lead
  • down
  • tug game/ drop it
  • sit and stay
  • come here
  • … (your own training wishes)
  • 4 lessons of an hour
  • location: at your house address or a location of your own choice
  • travelling costs 30ct/km from Oegstgeest

4 x 1 hr

€ 265

dogNL hondentraining | dogNL dog training

Dog language

What does your dog tell you. What does he tell his dog friends. How can your interpret your dog’s signals. Knowing more about the dog language you can accompany your dog even better. You will find out what his limits are, you will know when to guide your dog or set clear boundaries → read more

Dog massage

Hands-on touching is a good way to get a dog into balance again after surgery or physiotherapy. With massage you set the body in motion, improve blood circulation and decrease muscle soreness. Relaxation gives the physical support when recovering. It reduces stress which gives your dog more resilience during behaviour modification. Dog massage increases the bond you already have with your dog. Behaviour and Welfare go hand-in-hand →  read more


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