Raising a (young) dog is not always easy. Do you ever wonder … how to get your dog through the awkward puberty stage, can you still teach an adult dog or how can you best help your re-homed dog with his re-education? dogNL helps you with a Training plan, giving Advice for (re)training your dog.

Advice&Training plan or Behavioral counseling?
When fear or aggression is the issue I refer you to Behavioral therapy. When there is a behavioral issue it is necessary to first find out what the motivation is for this particular behaviour. Only then I can put together a step plan to curb your dog’s problem behaviour. Re-education is a program for teens showing unruly behaviour or for dogs who have just moved house and have to adjust to their new environment.

My certification, education and experience provide me the skills required to effectively and humanely train your dog. As a qualified Behavioral Counselor for Dogs and I am accredited by the Dutch foundation Certipet and a member of the Dutch association NVGH (formerly known as Alpha).

Advice & Training plan

advice on your dog’s behaviour and a tailor-made training plan

  • advice and training plan for:
  • issues arising bringing up your puppy
  • problems with troublesome teenage dogs
  • a re-homed dog
  • an expat dog
  • 1 appointment at your home address, approx. 1½ hour
  • plan in short e-mailed, extra costs are € 35
  • travelling costs are 30ct/km from Oegstgeest

* re-homed dogs will need time to settle in their new home first. dogNL gives you advice how you can give your dog a good start. For complicated problems you’ll need Behavioral Counseling to give you information on the motivation for his problem behaviour. Only then I can make a thorough treatment plan.

1½ hr

€ 105

dognl_heropvoeding | dogNL re-education

Behavioral therapy

a steps plan tailored to curb or solve your dog’s unwanted behaviour

  • diagnosis + treatment plan for problems like
  • anxiety*
  • fear*
  • destructive chewing
  • house soiling
  • seperation anxiety
  • excessive barking
  • food guarding
  • bite incident involving a child
  • (..) any other behavior issue
  • 1 appointment at your home address, approx. 1½ hours
  • questionnaire sent to you beforehand
  • plan in writing e-mailed to you 
  • plan in cooperation with the vet when necessary
  • assistance by phone or e-mail up until 2 months following the last consultation
  • travelling costs are 30ct/km from Oegstgeest

*when fearful and/or aggressive I offer a second consultation. Total costs are € 245.
*A test on behaviour at a safe location will be advised when the dog is extremely aggressive. 

1½ hr

€ 195

dogNL gedragstherapie | dogNL behavioral counseling

Dog Training

Training at home, 4 sessions

teach the basic obedience exercises in babysteps, in your own home

  • sit
  • touch
  • walking on the lead
  • down
  • tug game/ drop it
  • sit and stay
  • come here
  • … (your own training wishes)
  • 4 lessons of an hour
  • location: at your house address or a location of your own choice
  • travelling costs 30ct/km from Oegstgeest

4 x 1 hr

€ 265

dogNL hondentraining | dogNL dog training

Teenager in the house

Hormones running through the body changes your dog’s behaviour. It is time to freshen-up the cue’s you’ve taught your dog before he forgets all about it and does what he pleases → read more

Dog language

What does your dog tell you. What does he tell his dog friends. How can your interpret your dog’s signals. Knowing more about the dog language you can accompany your dog even better. You will find out what his limits are, you will know when to guide your dog or set clear boundaries → read more

Dog massage

Hands-on touching is a good way to get a dog into balance again after surgery or physiotherapy. With massage you set the body in motion, improve blood circulation and decrease muscle soreness. Relaxation gives the physical support when recovering. It reduces stress which gives your dog more resilience during behaviour modification. Dog massage increases the bond you already have with your dog. Behaviour and Welfare go hand-in-hand →  read more

Coverage consultation

Your animal insurance  covers my consultations on behaviour depending on the terms and conditions of your contract. Ask your insurance company → read more


On my blog you can find some articles on undesired behaviour, also in English. Read more ->

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