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Welcome to dogNL for private dog training or advice on behaviour in ENGLISH.  

My name is Janette Haring, and I’m a qualified Dog Training Instructor and certified Behavioral Counselor for Dogs. I will work with you to not only teach your dog how to improve his behaviour, but also to help you communicate more clearly with him and deepen your relationship with your best friend. I offer private training in both Dutch and English.

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& Fun

I train using dog friendly methods, which are based on scientific research into how to effectively train dogs without the use of punishment or intimidation. Encouragement and rewards for good decisions make training fun for everyone, and mistakes are simply that – things that need to be worked on a bit more. Have fun together.

& Wefare

I can provide you with personal advice and guidance to help you raise your dog. Would you like to curb unruly behaviour or help him when temporarily out of balance? I give you advice on behaviour or tackle a specific problem. Together we look for a lasting solution. Also with the help of your vet. Your dog’s well-being is the basis.

& Child

I am particularly specialized in the interaction between dogs and children. I teach your child(ren) how to best interact with your pet with information and exercises. From research we know that bite incidents occur less within the family when they know more about dogs and respect them. Have fun together; keep it safe for both.

Puppy Welcome

A good start provides your puppy the basis for a happy life together. All behaviour is good, but not all is desired. Raising your dog and training are intertwined as your puppy develops. Information about puppy behaviour helps you provide your puppy with what he needs as he grows. Puppy Welcome with information on how to prepare yourself for his arrival, advice on puppy behaviour and basic obedience training.

Onboarding your dog

Moving house can be a stressful time for us and although most dogs cope really well with the changes, some might find it unsettling at first. Relocating to the Netherlands means moving to a totally different environment. dogNL offers you advice and tips that should help your dog ease into his new surroundings quickly. 

dogNL Online

With dogNL Online you can train at a time convenient for you. Information, Advice, Instruction (in Dutch) with photos and videos especially put together for you and your dog. You have access up until 12 months after purchase. A combination with private training on the dog training field in Wassenaar is also possible.


My certification, education and experience provide me the skills required to effectively and humanely train your dog. As a qualified Behavioral Counselor for Dogs and I am accredited by the Dutch foundation Certipet and a member of the Dutch association NVGH (formerly known as Alpha).

I am a member of the international Association of Professional Dog Trainers APDT and the Dutch equivalent O&O.  

Enroll your dog for training or advice on behaviour

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